introduction to our services

findmyfriendsandfamily is a private investigation tracing service covering London, Central London and the UK, enabling us to help you discreetly locate and investigate the location of your Dad, Mum, Son or Daughter, maybe your birth parents, friends or any other person you would like to locate. No contact will be made to this person upon successful tracing. We will provide you with full details of our findings first thus enabling you to decide the next step.
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persons not intentionally missing

This type of missing person is the one who doesn’t know anyone is looking for her or him. Although this person is not usually in hiding, the connection between the searcher and the one sought is usually so tenuous, and the knowledge one has about the other so limited, that some investigators classify this search as more difficult than others.
Unintentional missing persons could be any of the following.
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persons intentionally missing

This person is in hiding and determined to stay so. As such he or she poses a challenge. Its not unusual for a private investigation tracing service to receive these cases as well as the others we have covered so far. Usually in these circumstances other companies given the task to trace this person have failed to locate them successfully and as a last resort the expertise of our company is sort. Intentionally missing persons could be any of the following.
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